Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

Daddy’s Eyes, Debbie Richards album

Daddy’s Eyes


Daddy walk me down the aisle another day

With the rainbow at our backs

Daddy drive me round and round the roundabout again

Making me and my friends laugh

Daddy chase me round and round the table again

Catching sweets that I shouldn’t have had

Daddy pick me from everywhere like back then

Let me play with the street in your van



And she’s got her daddy’s eyes

Although a lighter shade of blue

And she sees through daddy’s eyes

Sometimes when she needs to

When she looks at daddy’s eyes

Those handsome blue eyes

Oh, oh, oh how she loves you


Daddy take me to the common park again

With the sunshine on your face

Daddy push me round and round again

Holding tight, no worries, I’m safe

Tell me stories of folk back then

About a boy who lost that day

Daddy take me on the road again

Signal one more song, drive me home and I’ll sleep all the way




Daddy meet us at the K club again

With the stars twinkling over our heads

Daddy drive us on a Sunday again

Let’s sing songs on the back seat with Fred

Daddy dance around and round the front room again

Cos I don’t want to go to bed

Daddy take a look at how we’ve all grown from then

I look back, I smile for a while, keeps me moving ahead.





  1. tony knowles, February 24, 2012:

    Love it and makes me think of my dad too

  2. Chris, April 13, 2012:

    Debs, the wonderful memories this song conjures up for me are so have captured them beautifully with this song…..

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