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Being inspired by the simple things….

I keep a journal and a voice recorder to capture ideas when they come to me, are given to me, when I read something, when I hear something – you get the picture:) You think ‘oh i’ll remember that’ , but most times you don’t, so having a way of logging these ‘seeds’ to create songs, music or anything is to note it down. Even if you’re not a writer or musician it is so good when you look back at things you have written….

Something I have seen today I want to share with you – I haven’t made a note in my journal about it yet , but I will do as soon as I’ve written this… I have been inspired by this story and it’s meanings and just have to write a song about it …

A story about a Little Bird told through vibrant pictures – a silent film that doesn’t move ! The design itself is simple and minimalistic. It reminds us to take notice of the little things, to find infinite beauty and curiosity in the little things  just as children do!

It tells the tender story of a big-hearted man who halts his truck at a cliff’s edge. Unable to go any further, he opens the back door of his truck and a flock of birds spills out into the air, leaving behind a tiny, timid black bird. Surprised and delighted by the little loyalist, the man befriends the bird.

The two have lunch together and, eventually, the man tries to encourage the bird to fly off and join the others by attempting a comic demonstration of flight himself.

The humorous situation deepens the tenderness between the two creatures and soon the bird departs, the man drives away, and the story seems to end — but! — just as the truck trails off into the distance, we see the little black bird come back after it, followed by his colorful friends in a lyrical moment of belonging lost and found. “The small things are treasures,” writes Zullo. “True treasures.”

There are no greater treasures than the little things.


May my heart always be open to little birds who are the secrets of living

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