Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

Fall Apart, from Shut Off the Chatter album

FALL APART words by Debbie Richards Copyright 2004 All rights reserved


When did you start

To irritate me and

Become my enemy?

I need to break a way

From these scars


When did I start

To irritate you and

Become your enemy?

Do you need to break away

To make things right?


Why am I noticing

All the flaws and cracks?

I feel us breaking

I’ve tried to warn you

But you don’t hear me


We, we are falling apart

We, we are falling apart

When, when did it all start?

Why, why did it all start?


When did I become

So dissatisfied?

Always wondering

If I should leave you?

Or should I try?


When did we start

To deteriorate

And just stop trying?

It’s just a phase?

I’ll close my eyes


When did we become

So disagreeable

And so disappointing?

What are we looking for?

We’ve lost our way…..??



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