Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

Follow You, from Shut Off the Chatter album

FOLLOW YOU words by Debbie Richards Copyright 2004 All rights reserved


You booked the tickets to sail today

Another beautiful day

You joke, you smile, say you’ll go on your own

Don’t be silly I want to be there

I want to follow you



To walk, talk and hold your hand

To be near you where ever you are

And I know you’ll watch over me

When these times are gone

But here and now are the times

That I’ll follow you


‘The air’s so pure’ you say to us

And joke about walking the mountains

You’d part the clouds so I can feel the sun

And you smile and she smiles too

Oh I want to follow you




Instrumental (clarinet solo)


I’ve asked you how, why and where?

You’ve always been there

There are just so many things that I could say to you

But there aren’t enough lines

So I’ll follow you



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