Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

Insensitive, from Shut off the Chatter album

I try, I try and pretend                                                   

Not to feel this way

But I’m finding it hard

It’s a difficult part to play

Well I’ve learnt the script

And I know what to say

Just acting in life

Not sure of the way 


Show me, won’t you show me

Cos I know

You’re an expert at this

Teach me won’t you teach me

Show me..

How to be insensitive


And how and how do I pretend

When you touch me like that

And why, and why, do I pretend

When I love you so much

It’s like playing a game

But you win every time

It comes natural to you

The competition’s too much



And you’re much better than me

Avoiding calls, ignoring hearts and keeping score much better than me

And you can just walk away

Without a reason, an excuse

But I can’t









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