Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

To Hear a Song, from Shut Off the Chatter album

To HEAR a SONG words by Debbie Richards. Copyright 2004. All rights reserved


I get up out of bed

And switch off the phone (and)

I’ve got to stop thinking too much

All these thoughts in my head

I pull on my clothes

And I dread the day ahead


I don’t wanna be here

Won’t somebody rescue me?

And please take away all my fears

O ye will somebody listen?

Driving along a put the radio on

Not long now


And I keep on driving

In a world of my own

And I don’t ever wanna get there

Cos I’m feeling all alone

Stuck in traffic, a short delay

But it gives me time


To hear a song

Make me feel a little better

To ease my mind

And make me smile

And feel happy

Oh well, for a while

Just for a while….



And I don’t want to open the door

I want to turn round and walk

But I don’t want to let them all down

Come on you’re going to be fine

I pull on my coat

And I face the day ahead


Repeat verse 1

I get up out of bed again

And switch off the phone again….



  1. tony knowles, February 24, 2012:

    I remember when used to hate going into work!

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