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10 Ways To Be Your Own Valentine ♥

Love yourself first and the rest will follow…

1. Eat foods that support  your  

2. Get the blood pumping and keep blood vessels flexible and open with some exercise.

3. Do yoga poses that open your space. Postures such as Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose).  Go on get down and stretch…!

4. Wear the colours of the chakra  which are   and  ♥ 

5. Tend to yourself! If you have been putting off the dentist or going to see the doctor, physio, osteopath etc then go!! Look after YOURSELF

6. Chant the mantra of the heart. ‘Yam’ (sounds like ‘mom’) Sit up tall, close your eyes, and repeat the sound “yam” to feel your energy shift. 🙂

7. Repeat positive affirmations. No one else can truly love you, if you don’t love yourself. Positive affirmations can help you see the beautiful, wonderful things about yourself. Start speaking kindly to yourself and feel the immediate and long-lasting results. There is lots of research that affirmations DO work! I’ve used them for performance, preparation, creativity… Watch what that ‘Little voice’ is saying to you 😉

8. My favourite…experiment with sounds. Music (specifically in the key of F) resonates at the perfect vibration for an open heart. Here’s ONE of my favourite composers from the Romantic period (of course) Brahms…


9. More human contact! This is sooo true.  I want to do this too! Consider cutting down your use of social media, texting, and emailing as your main source of communication. The Dalai Lama has said: “I think technology really increases human ability. It [makes] a lot of things much easier. But technology cannot produce compassion.” It’s easy to feel disconnected and lonely if you are not making human connection with anyone. Notice how often you have a technological intermediary in your relationships. Try calling people more and writing less. Better yet, try to meet people face-to-face on a more regular basis.

10. Be Compassionate. A balanced heart chakra supports unconditional, objectless love. It is a beautiful cycle: the more love we feel, the more we offer out. The more love we offer out, the more love we receive.


LOVE and MUSIC Debs x

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