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Music and Me

‘Shut off the Chatter’ is an album of eight songs that I created back in 2004….The title reflects the ‘Little Voice ‘ that goes on in our heads, sometimes not always talking in our best interest…more about that in Walking Heads…


I have re produced 4 songs off this album so far as I wanted an ‘up to my musical date’ version of the songs and I needed to review how they were going to work as live acoustic versions on piano…Sometimes it’s hard to go back to things and revive them, but something was telling me to do it (my good ‘little voice’)……I didn’t want to forget about these songs – Follow You, Wrong Place, Little Voice, Fall Apart.


Each song is sequenced in my music room at home using Cubase 4- so everything you hear has been composed, played, and programmed by me. I then take saved versions of the songs into Whitby Studios to reflect, use brill sounds, put vocals on, mix it and master it …


More titles to come off this original album. Currently working on ‘To hear a song’ – all about not wanting to face the day, I wrote this when I was doing my teaching practice in Liverpool…..we have all been there haven’t we?


  1. tony knowles, February 24, 2012:

    Looking forward to more creations Debbie

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