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Challenge of Songwriting-10 steps written in 5 minutes by Debbie Richards

  1. Keep your mind open , alive and ready for ideas, feelings, emotions, persons, places etc. For the Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge I chose a picture from the View Two Gallery. This is only two sections from the line up …



2.  ‘Play’ with chords , melodies, rhythms and build up an awareness for the ‘feeling’ or ‘sound’ you want for the song. ‘Playing’ is really important, don’t ‘try’ too hard. Mess around with your songwriting instrument and ‘jam’ on your own or with others if you can – the best ideas come from this.

3. Brainstorm the picture (or theme) in form of a pattern note or spider diagram. Ideas that come to your mind write them down. I sometimes google different aspects of the theme to open it up to alternative perspectives, other interesting words, ideas and facts!

4. The tune or melodic idea and shapes should be moving around inside your musical brain by now,  if you have played , had fun and kept your mind open, alert and ready to receive….

5. Build the lyrics from your pattern notes with the melody ideas in mind and sing them/play them as you build.

6. Go with the flow and ‘create’ . Sometimes I find myself ‘resisting’ natural ideas because they weren’t part of the ‘thinking’ plan. This can start creating conflicts within your writing and you get ‘blocks’ .

7. Don’t think too much about ‘how good it may or may not be’ , ‘will they like it?’ …….‘Shut off the chatter’ and replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Write it from within and ‘get it out’ . Creating is about playing about with ideas and forming them with a positive outlook and energy , often we stop them from emerging before that happens because we are too busy ‘judging’ the ideas and ourselves. Don’t judge it yet , create it instead.

8. Remember you have ‘created’ something that never existed before. Now that is brill!!!!

9. Practice, edit, add. Practice, edit , add….

10. Perform it!


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