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Music and Me in August…

Hey Music Travellers!


Bit out of sync here as I posted a newsletter all about what I was up to in September and didn’t tell you what happened in August.  Got a little bit behind as I was off sunning myself in Portugal and then a long weekend in Anglesey.  So stepping back into last month (well you might be stepping back two months by the time you read this :/)  this is what I got up to…



Live at the Bedford



Drove to Oxfordshire and stayed with my sister. Bus to Thame train station, train to Marylebone then two tubes to The Bedford.  Thank God for public transport hey?!



Live at the Bedford



Then moving back up North, me, piano and roadie played the Trafford Centre on a Saturday night.  This was most unusual , being at the Trafford Centre without any shopping bags 😉  My name got plastered all over the  big screen…



Live at the Trafford Centre



Despite being told to turn the volume down (twice) ! Who me? Lower the volume? Faint into the background? I don’t think so!;)

People stopped and enjoyed the songs , especially the lady and (I think ) her son made it all worth while as they sat in front of me listening to every lyric , every sound – you were the light that night, thank you!


Sunday morning off to the gym , cooked breakfast (I needed it!) and then off to Salford for this…



Live at Greengate Salford



It was very windy that day ! Ha – thank you to the blonde lady that ran over with a hair grip thingy and for her fab comments about my performance that day:) Before she arrived I was eating my hair whilst singing- not good :/

I enjoyed that afternoon:)




Desperately building up to my holiday now , I played a few songs in Liverpool at Jimmy O’s on Wednesday. Driving home that night I could finally think about lying on the beach …





Excited!! ;D

Excited!! ;D



Love and music




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