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What I’ve been doing …

Videoed and recorded live versions of two cover songs that I am currently playing in venues across Cheshire and Northwest. ‘Blondie’s’ Hanging on the Telephone and Buddy Holly’s ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore’ …just me and my piano. Uploading them/giving exclusive previews and copies to you soon…

Got a list of some other cover songs that I’ve started to work on …‘Tear us Apart’ Inxs . Paloma Faith has been doing a great version of this…‘Your’e the one that I want’ from Grease which is  going to be more like Julia Stone’s version. I first heard it being used as an advert for Sky TV .  Funny that because I don’t have Sky , must have been Freeview advertising Sky-  yes that’s it! Anyway, working well on the piano… Ooh and if I can get a bit of Grease (oh i just love this bit of the film) in my set…that will be good 😉

I have a list of others too, working and practising my way through them. Any other suggestions , hey let me know!


My Album ‘Shut off the Chatter’ is still in the process of having an artwork makeover. New album cover, CD printing and an exclusive booklet for people like you. The booklet has a note from me about each song and pictures of original handwritten lyrics…Yey!!

Heading back over to the Wirral where I work with Satin Duo on some Dance music projects. In my phone they are saved as Dance Dan and Dance Paul…:D  I have written a track called ‘Shake it up’ to an instrumental  dance backing that they created. They create great stuff, it’s exciting! Dance Paul has also done a remix of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful which I will be recording the vocals to on Monday.  Satin Duo are also working on a Dance Re-mix of my song ‘Fall Apart’… All links to these will be coming soon- as soon as we are done! 

Might have left some things out…:)

Love and Music








  1. Tony Knowles, November 11, 2012:

    very exciting times Debs and more to come. Can’t wait to see the exclusive booklet of “shut off the chatter” and hear the work you are doing with dance Dan and Paul.

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