Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

Recording and composing

Was in the studio 9.3.12 working on two more songs from Shut off the Chatter album.  Titles are  ‘Insensitive’ and ‘Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today’….two quite contrasting tracks and I am reworking them so that they sound different from the old versions-that is tricky! I have added a clarinet part on Insensitive and hey  I could hardly breathe when playing on Friday- got a cold:( my excuse anyway.

I need to play around with these a bit more before uploading them, and I am working on that this week and then back in the studio Friday 23rd to finish them – no colds, no mistakes, no clarinet tuning problems, yes loads of drums , no loads of drums, yes strings, no strings…mmm…we’ll see.

Ive posted the lyrics for the two songs for you to have a read….catch up soon

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