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The next three months….

Thought I would share with you some of the musical goals I will be aiming for over the next three months…..

  • More performances across Cheshire and Northwest. Working on some dates for the next few months and if they don’t work out I will come and perform at your house ….:) yes really…let me know..first come first served – local-ish of course!
  • ‘Shut off the chatter’ album will have new packaging and inlays (notes about why I wrote each song/pictures of original lyrics and scribbles) for you..
  • A dance remix  of one of my songs from ‘Shut off the chatter’ coming soon. I am excited about this !
  • ‘Singles’ of songs that don’t belong to an album at the moment will be packaged up to send as freebies for you and available on iTunes/Amazon for those who don’t know me …yet…
  • Some cover versions of songs that I have been playing  live will be recorded, maybe videoed ….
  • I have been writing with some dance music producers/music makers (Satin Duo) and our first dance track ‘Shake it up’ will be available very soon…..

Get in touch if you want to know more about some of the exciting happenings I have mentioned above. Updates of such always posted on my website …

Love and music , trust and follow your heart and sometimes your head….



This is funny oh how we get distracted when we should be focusing…




  1. Tony knowles, October 21, 2012:

    Like the funny reminder for me to keep focussed and listen. You are doing a tremendous amount of work and these goals will no doubt be accomplished to give you positive reinforcement and even more success

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