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What does music look like…?

German artist Martin Klimas set out to answer the question “What does music look like?”. In order to find out, he selects some music, puts splatters of different colours of paint on a translucent sheet over the diaphragm of a speaker and then turns up the volume. The vibrations of the speaker send the paint up into the air, creating beautiful patterns and sculptural forms, and Klimas photographs the results. He typically chooses dynamic and percussive music such as Steve Reich, Miles Davis or Jimi Hendrix.


Steve Reich and Musicians, “Drumming”, 100x135cm

Steve Reich and Musicians, 'Drumming', 100x135cm

Click on link to see more great pictures of what music looks like in the air!


  1. Tony Knowles, December 13, 2012:

    Wow magic!

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