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You’d part the clouds so I can feel the sun…

For as long as I can I am going to take lines from songs and comment on them- their meaning …to me..

I thought I would start with my own songs and give you an insight to what the lines are relating to- we like that sort of stuff don’t we? I know there are songs that I listen to and I often wonder what the artist meant by them – intrigued…

Mum and dad would take us to Spain during the winter as they owned a double glazing company at the time, and so we would be limited to when we could go on holiday- two weeks summer, two week Christmas. Christmas weather was always a bit iffy and after our British weather I was always looking forward to getting out to soak up some sun…and would be disappointed when it was cloudy (wouldn’t bother me as much nowadays;) Dad would shout upstairs and say ‘ Ive been up all morning blowing away these clouds Debs, so you can get some sun today…’

You’d part the clouds so I can feel the sun…from Follow You




  1. paul salvi, March 7, 2013:

    thats a beautiful little story x

  2. twotonetony, March 8, 2013:

    This is a fantastic idea Debbie and I will look forward to many more extracts.

  3. Chris, March 11, 2013:

    Debsie…those wonderful times in Spain…everytime I hear that song I smile (or cry…) xx

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