Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

Debbie Richards

A collection of some ‘singles’ that I have written during 2012. ‘Don’t Let Go’ will be added to the next album, as it belongs there. If you would like any copies in the meantime please get in touch and I will sort it for you…..

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  1. Chris, February 25, 2012:

    Debsie, it is absolutely amazing what you have achieved so far, I just cannot wait for the rest of the world to hear your music, and to love and appreciate it as much as I do. You have always been and will always be my beautiful super star xxxxxxx

  2. Bernie, June 17, 2012:

    Pam just sent me this,and you know what I am like with the 21st century stuff,But I got it to work, listened, and have just heard an amazing voice,I even rocked along to Go Away cant wait to see you at Hoylake Love you know who xxx

  3. mum -15 March 2012, June 18, 2012:

    Deb, fantastic reviews, for a fantastic singer – can’t wait again to see and hear you singing live… very proud of you, love youxxxx

  4. Review, June 22, 2012:

    No faltering from the heart of the song’s intention. “Go Away”, paces the tempo fast. This felt right as her signature. Overall, Debbie Richards gave a highly entertaining, soulful, vigorous and dramatic performance.

    Review © 2012 Amanda DeAngeles

  5. Lou, August 9, 2012:

    Debs, you are achieving so much and have so much talent to share with all of us I am so proud of you and really am looking forward to hearing you sing your music live…exciting times my gorgeous friend xx

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