Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

Connected through ‘Performance’…

Bet she sounded great but it’s the boots that im loving here-Gorgeous!




Week in music: Gotye performs at Manchester Apollo

Belgian-Australian musician Gotye performs at Manchester Apollo on 15 November

I Loved the single ‘Somebody I used to know’  and I was wondering where the project name Gotye came from so I sort of found out:

Wouter, Gotye’s real name, from Dutch translates into French as Gaultier (or Gautier or Gauthier). Wally’s mother used to call him Gaultier as a pet name. Drawing on this and choosing his own spelling gives us ‘Gotye’…:)


Thom Yorke performs with Radiohead in Sydney, Australia, on 12 November

Week in music: Thom Yorke of Radiohead performs in Sydney on 12 November


Love this band!

Weird Fishes





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