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Creative Industries Worth An Amazing £8million Per Hour!

Now that’s ALOT more than I earn per hour! 😉

Creative Industries Groups are as follows...

Advertising and marketing
Design: Product, Graphic and Fashion Design
Film, TV, video, radio and photography
IT, software and computer services
Museums, Galleries and Libraries
Music, performing and visual arts

  • 71.4 billion per year   
  • 10% Growth in 2012 out performing all other sectors
  • Creating 1.68 billion jobs in 2012, 56% of UK jobs!
  • A powerhouse within the UK economy outperforming all the other main industries!

( Based on 2012-2015 statistics)



Soooo let’s HOPE that the department of education continue this growth by supporting the arts within the schools and communities

“Ensure all pupils experience a broad and balanced curriculum which will prepare them for life in modern Britain – the arts are a key part of this.

“We are clear that arts education should be every bit as rigorous as the rest of the school curriculum and we have strengthened the national curriculum in these subjects and reformed the music and art GCSEs and A levels to make sure this is the case.

“For 2015-16, we are providing £109m to support music, art and cultural education projects – an increase of £17m from last year – allowing thousands more pupils to benefit from a wide range of enriching activities.


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