Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter


Currently keeping it live by doing open mic nights whilst busy writing and recording songs and preparing content/ ideas for website. I will be concentrating on working on a set for live performances when website goes live at the end of February. Check out some of the open mic nights that you will be able to see me perform at. The manager of the Blue Cat Cafe has already suggested I support one of his bands on a weekend….so sign up to The Newsletter and I can keep you posted……I am getting a great response from doing open mic nights…thank you to the people that come out during these cold winter months to support artistes like me….you’re great! Can’t wait for the Spring though brrr it’s cold…..


Blue Cat Cafe

Trof Fallowfield




  1. Tony Knowles, February 24, 2012:

    I guess you have also been checking out live gigs and other performers.Are there any “new faces” that have inspired you?

  2. debbie, February 24, 2012:

    Hi Tony

    It is always good to check out other performers to see what musicians are up to. I was out at The Leaf on Bold street liverpool last night, which by the way is a fantastic venue and i hope to play there soon. I saw a few performers but Rae Morris was the main event of the evening…she accompanies her songs on piano too…and she was great. Everytime i see a live gig it inspires me, i feel i want to get up there and do a song or two;)…i guess it’s just in my blood…x

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