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Music and me in April…

April , poof, gone!


Here’s what me and music were up to last month:-


Really enjoyed playing locally at The Eccies on 13th April. Paul Salvi is doing a really good job at getting live music thriving here and although we know it’s hard to please everyone, Paul is doing a damn good job at offering a variety of acts. Check out the page for future events, I’m sure you will see me back there:)



Dodgy face shadow



Monday 15th April

Back in the studio ready to start recording songs for my next album:)

Producing  ‘Keep Away’some lyrics …


Keep Away

Dark horses told me how

Being with you tells me why

Those shaking heads warn me no

That I, I should go


Standing so close doesn’t help

And your hands are too close to mine

Don’t ask me to stay, cos we’ll never go away

I really should go


 No I’m not telling you what it’s about 😛


Liverpool on 18th at San Tracuba

I went on a bit too late and I was starting to feel a bit tired and grumpy- ha!


Looking fierce me thinks !


Looking Fierce



My first ‘support’ gig at The Deaf Institute Manchester



Really enjoyed it, the bands were super and more importantly a great sound engineer who made everything sound just fab, fab, fab!

Thanks Jack!:)



 Love and music



  1. Tony, May 9, 2013:

    The months keep rolling on and Debs just keeps on getting better and better. Looking forward to plenty more gigs in 2013

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