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Music and Me in July…




 Hello music buddies!!

What fabulous weather we have been having. Me and my piano were very busy last month.


It’s been fun and very hot, hot, hot…


In the Secret Garden, Worsley, Manchester my PA system had it’s first musical outing for some time, probably since it’s cabaret days back in 2008! I played for over an hour, luckily in the shade because 7.7.13 was a very hot day!





Debbie in  The Seccret Garden





I was invited to go along and play The Ring O Bells in Frodsham on Tuesday 13th July.  It was lovely that people there really listen and appreciate your music. Despite playing covers they actually made more of a fuss of my own songs (thank you) which encouraged a few people to buy my album ‘Shut off the Chatter’ particularly liking ‘Follow you’ .  Thank you, thank you! 🙂


Next up was Pros and Coms on Lark Lane 15.7.13.  We had such a laugh at this night as fortunately there were a few (very funny) comedians on as well.  Belly laughs!! Good for you !! ;D



The Festival of Firsts 2013 was my fourth performance that week and the sun was still shining strong! I performed at The Ship Inn, Hoylake on 17.7.13 and received a wonderful Review by Ian – Thank you…






I think after that I had a little musical break for a bit, well ‘performance’ break as music itself I can never break away from.  I have been practising new material as I have some of my own gigs coming up from September. Someone even booked me to play at their house – cool! Been back in the studio working on my next album, ‘Black N’ Red ‘.


Then finally… and yes it was the very last (final) day of July, my birthday.  I went along to the Roadhouse, Manchester on 31.7.13.


Drinking water on my birthday.


What, really ?


Yes! Evidence…




Oh, but a pint of Guinness waiting for me when I finish…





Ah!!! Guinness lovely… Off for a Thai. Yum!


Heading down South for the Bedford, London on Friday. I will tell you all about that in Music and Me in August:)


Love, music and sunshine, lots of it !




  1. nightingale, August 14, 2013:

    just love all your funny comments. what a busy time for you. Hope you enjoyed your pint of guinness.(don’t
    know who you take after!!!
    sooooooo proud of you.
    love youxxxxxxxxxx

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