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Music and Me in September…

September is my favourite month! Although we make new year resolutions in January I feel that September is really the time for change, turn over a new leaf as the leaves start to fall from the trees and the beautiful colours start to paint amazing pictures all around us! Let this be the time for all your ‘True Colours’  (next cover song?) to shine through too!

This has been a really busy month for me, preparing for longer gig sets.  Lots of practice at the piano, memorising new chord patterns, melodies and lyrics. You know I am always surprised by how much information our brains contain and compute.  Sometimes I doubt it’s power ” How will I remember all of this ..?”   



I did …





 Sat  28th September 


Looking Spooky

Looking Spooky



 David Lloyd’s Live Lounge , Ellesmere Port.




Then all again at The New Oxford, Salford…



The New Oxford 2013


Singing Ooooh…. 



Looks like I was in some one’s lounge playing in front of the fire (not lit) . Was a little pub with a few lovely people scattered around in front of me listening and enjoying the tunes!

Thank you!


So YES I did it !


And so can you…whatever it is you want to do, let September be the month for it! And if you don’t read this message until October it’s still not too late 🙂

Love and Music





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