Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

Music Antics in March…

The Old Roan Aintree


Me playing at the Old Roan on Wednesday night…moments before and after this picture was taken I was so much more animated, but unfortunately my ‘photographer’ just missed it. Next time…:)



At K’s Choice-American Bar and Grill , Liverpool 6.3.13



Photographer took some ‘livelier’ photos of me this time…



By Ks choice
A wonderful edition of K’s Choice last night, with some fantastic performances from very talented folk…

Next the mood and tempo were changed with a top performance by pianist, vocalist and songwriter Debbie Richards. Her songs have a lyrical and uplifting quality that captivated the audience, and it was a real treat to hear her in such strong form.

Phew, what a great night’s entertainment! I’m telling you folks, if you haven’t been to K’s Choice yet, you are missing a wonderful Wednesday night. See you next time 🙂

Thank you Derek!:)




TWEET   –  @DebbieRichardsx amazing set this evening 🙂


My nose did keep on bumping into the mic…owch! 




Photo: I will be playing 'My Nightingale' as part of my set at  the Siren@54StJamesSt for Threshold later today, Saturday , 5.45pm- pop in to see me if you can :) or download a free copyx


Enjoyed playing 40 min set last night at the Blue Room Blackpool


 “ermm let me think… what’s the next chord, or my head is itchy” ?



Going back into the studio next month to start recording lots of new songs:)



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