Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

Performance Anxiety and the X Factor

As I can relate so much to the effects of performance anxiety  I was particularly drawn to the brief section of performers who were so nervous on last night’s X Factor.  So many of us are affected by words that other people use, sometimes said so flippantly and these comments can stay with us all through our lives, preventing us from going after our dreams and ambitions. Those comments nest in our minds in our sub-conscious  and shape our behaviour. Christopher Maloney finally got on that stage last night after about 5 years of ripping up his application forms. The words of those people who said ‘you’re not good enough’ , ‘you’re going to make a fool of yourself’ were ringing in his mind causing the extreme nervousness which could be seen by his shaking hands. Well done Christopher for going for it, for continuing through and singing so well and impressing the judges. He is obviously made of stronger stuff than he thinks:) 

Deal with the comments that were made in the past, discard them as they are no good for us and believe in your talent, whatever that talent may be.  We have to push ourselves out of our comfort area sometimes in order to get where ‘the magic happens’…..

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