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Recording yourself when practising-Good or Bad ?

I think it’s a good idea to record yourself when you are practising a piece or set for performance.  Although do try and invest in some quality recording equipment.  I used to record stuff on a cassette recorder and mmm… yes it made me sound a little wobbly! Which wasn’t good for my confidence! I now use a voice recorder which I can upload to my PC and it does the job- for me!

Many times when I go to the studio and listen back to a recording I notice singing that doesn’t sound quite right- intonation, or even the way a word is articulated.  I also notice sometimes that I tend to speed up when playing the piano.  If I record the piece before I perform it or record it in the studio (when you are paying for studio time and don’t want to use that valuable time working stuff out) I can quickly identify where I start to speed up etc and rectify it.

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  1. Tony Knowles, November 11, 2012:

    Sound advice Debbie, a true professional ar work.

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