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Spotlight On The Brits : 10 Things To Look Out For!

1. Will Rihanna turn up?
Rihanna is increasingly giving the impression that she really doesn’t care about anything very much. Her album? “Oh, I’ve got a cover and all that. I’ll get round to recording it at some point. And releasing it? Oh, I’ll just dribble it out on Tidal, then give it away for free.” Performing at the Grammys? “Soz. Got bronchitis. So I doubt she’ll be going, but you never know she may turn up!


2. There’ll be no repeat of Kanye’s bleepfest
Last year, Kanye West provided the most exciting moment of the evening, when he performed All Day accompanied by gallons of pyro and the cream of the UK grime scene. He also swore an enormous amount, causing ITV’s bleep operators to go into such meltdown that barely any of West’s actual performance was audible- haha! They have all been warned to ‘stay clear’ of the effing and jeffing ! Might get some bleeps though…does make it a bit more interesting! 🙂


3. Who will dare to fail?
Brits Chairman Max Lousada’s playlist: Adele, Kanye and Jarvis’ Jackson invasion…
Madonna set the bar high with ‘cape fear’ last year when she fell over LIVE ON TELLY when her cape failed to open. Soo funny! However I think it may have been staged as it gave Madonna ALOT of publicity the next day! Hey but watching this maybe it wasn’t a stunt after all…she says it wasn’t …take a look! Funny when she falls. And she’s ok so it’s ok to laugh! 🙂


4. Bet on Adele

 Adele’s 25 is back at the top of the US and the UK charts; it’s broken sales records on either side of the Atlantic. Forbes reported on 10 January that it had already sold 15m copies worldwide, and that’s by making everyone pay for it – no streaming or giveaway deals for Adele. If there’s one thing the Brits love, it’s commercial success.  So expect Adele to walk away with at least two from British female solo artist, British single and British album of the year.


5. International group is the toughest category to call
The nominees: Alabama Shakes, Eagles of Death Metal, Major Lazer, Tame Impala and U2. Tame Impala have had a year of unrelenting critical acclaim, and an audience that seems to swell with each passing month. U2 are always a safe bet, but did the whole Apple fiasco mar their reputation too much? Major Lazer might be the safe bet, given that Lean On – their big summer 2015 hit – has become the most streamed song in Spotify’s history. ??


6. There will be no recognition of the UK’s grime scene, or much in the way of UK black music at all.

Laura Mvula  has said that she won’t be attending because of the lack of diversity, which sends the message to black kids that they are “not acknowledged in society, in media and in mainstream music” Oooh :/


7. Bet on Bieber
The international categories at the Brits include interesting, left-field artists – in the international male solo artist category, that means Father John Misty and Kendrick Lamar appear alongside the Weeknd, Drake and Justin Bieber. It is thought that the  prize should go to Lamar, whose album To Pimp a Butterfly sold shedloads, topped more album of the year lists than any other! But, against that, Justin Bieber is performing at the ceremony. Expect him to have extracted his pound of flesh in return for his appearance.


8. Whatever form the Bowie tribute takes, people will moan.

The most talked-about event of the evening will be a David Bowie tribute, which – according to press reports last month – will feature an all-star lineup. The Sun’s prediction was a supergroup featuring Adele, Bono, Damon Albarn, Noel Gallagher and Coldplay. Got to check this out, I’m sure we will be entertained.  That’s what The Brits is all about, ye? 🙂


9. Young British guitar bands are unlikely to be recognised
Best British group features three guitar bands – but Blur and Coldplay are veterans, and Foals are well established – but only Wolf Alice and Catfish and the Bottlemen, in the breakthrough category, count as young guitar acts. And even then, they’re up against the commercial leaders that are Jess Glynne, James Bay and Years & Years. Last year’s winner was Sam Smith, the year before that Bastille, so expect the most commercially sucessful act to win. Which would make it between Glynne and Bay, who had the seventh and eighth biggest-selling albums respectively in the UK in 2015!


10. Treasure Ant and Dec while you can – the alternatives are much worse
They’re not bothering with the Brits after this year, boo! Awww I like Ant and Dec! Be wary of what you wish for in their replacements. Their unfussy, relatively low-key presentation style was a welcome respite in 2015, after four years of James Corden, one of Peter Kay, then Corden with Mat Horne and Kylie the time before that, the Osbournes (OMG…I remember) in 2008 and Russell Brand in 2007. In the future, people will look back at the two Ant and Dec ceremonies as a golden age of Brits broadcasting.



Will you be watching?? ;/

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