Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

in the media

‘Debbie Richards simply blew them away with an entertaining and lively performance that erred on the enamouring. Ms. Richards is a genuine pleasure to be savoured’.


“Fall Apart” is dappled with shades of the Annie Lennox, with similar vocal power and poignant lilts.  Debbie’s lyrical alliteration is inventive with fitting run-on poetics and words of more than two, certainly up to five syllables”.

Review by Amanda DeAngeles at the View Two Gallery, Liverpool

“Whilst her keyboard playing was just tantalising, there was something about her voice that was surprising, booming, resonating…”

Ian.D.Hall 2013

“Next the mood and tempo were changed with a top performance by pianist, vocalist and songwriter Debbie Richards. Her songs have a lyrical and uplifting quality that captivated the audience, and it was a real treat to hear her in such strong form.”

By Derek King