Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

Review © 2012 Amanda DeAngeles


Approaching the grand piano, Debbie Richards, the first of two booked acts sits gracefully and, after a false start, begins again unfazed, with a beautiful ballad. A couple of songs sweep over a mesmerised audience and then she announces she’s about to cover (please God not Adele –nope!) Hey, hey…Buddy Holly! “I Guess it Doesn’t Matter Anymore” and a slow-paced sing-along of the classic ensues. Her version is genius. The small crowd were embraced by Debbie’s soulful voice and dramatic piano playing.  Following with another of her own, “Fall Apart” is dappled with shades of the Annie Lennox, with similar vocal power and poignant lilts. Debbie’s lyrical alliteration is inventive with fitting run-on poetics and words of more than two, certainly up to five syllables.

No faltering from the heart of the song’s intention. “Go Away”, paces the tempo fast. This felt right as her signature. Overall, Debbie Richards gave a highly entertaining, soulful, vigorous and dramatic performance.

Review © 2012 Amanda DeAngeles



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