Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter


By Derek King at American Bar and Grill, Liverpool

After such a breathless start, we were then treated to a change of pace and style with the quite superb Debbie Richards (Music). With so many guitar acts around it makes a lovely change to see a pianist, especially one as versatile and consistently high quality as Debbie. Her first visit to K’s Choice a couple of months ago was in the depths of winter and she managed to make us feel all warm and snug on a bitter night with her repertoire of original songs in a style I might call “ballads with attitude”. This time we were able to enjoy Debbie’s music on a bright and sunny evening. Absolutely top quality stuff!



by Graham Holland (Liverpool Acoustic)

Next we had a change of pace and style from Debbie Richards, playing her keyboard and singing. Last time she performed at K’s Choice was back in February not long after it started. That night it was freezing cold with snow on the ground, and the audience consisted of a couple of drunks sheltering from the weather. Tonight a good number of people were there to enjoy the natural talent of Debbie Richards. Like Kim and Derek before her, Debbie performed original songs with a few covers thrown in, although the covers such as I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Any More was totally reinvented as a lovely piano ballad. My particular highlight was Blues In A Queue, a song that Derek had requested and which was inspired by a painting on the walls of the View Two Gallery.


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