Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

The Power Of You From Me

I look at my little girl who is now 16 months old.  I know she can do anything she wants, be anything she wants to be.  There is no stopping her! I know that! Yet I doubt myself of that same power…as we get older we take on other people’s views, comments, judgements…like a stone gathering moss.  We are Affected. Self doubt starts to creep in and we self-sabotage and ‘hack’ our own lives! Over think things, preventing us from taking the action which will serve us in the end.

I, like you was once that child with the power that I now see in Grace everyday! The power to do anything.  Grace reminds me that I owe it to myself to honour my dreams and to do whatever it is I want to do. I was once 16 months old (like you) and I, like you (and Grace) can do anything.

You are powerful, more than you know!

Go for it! I am!

You are your own light…




Debs x


  1. Anthony Knowles, May 3, 2016:

    Each of us has the power within to light up the world.
    Great Blog Debs x

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