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And I will fly to My Nightingale…


I said that for as long as I can I am going to take lines from songs and comment on them- their meaning …to me.

I thought I would start with my own songs – intrigued…?

Some of you already know that I wrote ‘My Nightingale’ about my lovely mum, for my mum. I pondered over each lyric I used in this song, trying to give them all the meaning of how I feel about her…they just ‘touch‘ the surface…:)

I used a Nightingale because we sometimes call her ‘Flo’ as in Florence Nightingale – a comparison to my mum’s kindness  and giving nature. Birds are just beautiful and the sweetness of the Nightingale’s voice, her voice…

‘Flying’gives the sense of being free and always yourself,  exactly how she makes me feel when I’m with her…

‘And I will fly to My Nightingale…’ from My Nightingale  available also at soundcloud

Read the lyrics here


Love and music



  1. twotonetony, March 21, 2013:

    Beautiful babe

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