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Art inspired by music- Janis Joplin

My last ‘Art inspired by music picture’ was Tori Amos 

 I have now found this…

 of Janis Joplin by Alycia

Title&#160;: Janis Joplin Painting<br />
Artist&#160;: Alycia<br />
Inspiration&#160;: Janis Joplin<br />
Artist&#8217;s Comments&#160;:<br />
It&#8217;s a 5 foot by 5 foot painting for my lovely friend David, took me  about 3 months to complete, and its still not fully done.. I have small  things I want to do with it.

Take some time to have a look. There is some writing on the top left-hand corner- lyrics maybe…?

 Janis Joplin songs-  I like :-

Cry Baby

Me and Bobby McGee

Mercedes Benz

Piece of my heart

Used to sing a couple of these when I did Cabaret.




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