Debbie Richards, singer, songwriter

Art Inspired by Music – Tori Amos

Title : The Posse For RAINN
Artist : Oz Haver
Inspiration : Tori Amos


 Art by Oz Haver inspired by the singer songwriter Tori Amos.

Spend some time really looking at this picture.  We are so busy rushing around that we often miss such attention to detail that is often staring us right in the face. The artist’s imagination is just amazing!

How many things can you see? Have you spotted the flying umbrella, rabbits, Lincoln and Tori sitting on a snail? 🙂

Be inspired!!



Artist’s Notes

There are some “church Bells” for Her” on the right corner, and I think  “Mr. Lincoln we can’t seem to find you anywhere” is evident: he is  always “Bouncing Off Clouds”, which are always in this new world “Almost  Rosey”, Santa has gotten that one bitch who “fancies herself as a black  lab” on her leach; the hen has resolved to not “look up, the sky is  falling” so now she just hangs out near the Torey Piano. “Rabbit,  where’d you put the keys girl” …where did she huh? she’s carrying them  around in her bow. And the other rabbit goes blinkity blinky blink, cuz  he doesn’t know where the f*ck he is… but Mr. Lincoln is nearby so at  least he is politically safe. There is a “Digital Ghost” with an  umbrella/parasol (depends on whether it RAINNs or not) he says sorry cuz  he is not photogenic…but the “big umbrella’s smiling” and of course a  snail, cuz I had to include slow old hermit me in the piece somehow.  The pianotree has shapes reminiscent of a dragons back to imbue some  “Dragon” into the piece…let’s hope this one doesn’t need slaying, cuz I  already brought kisses! I hope that people can hear it’s music, the way  I can, “Here in my Head”. I took the liberty of using the  goddesses symbols to the prospective personages, Isabel : Artemis: the  moon and a deer, male cuz she is bisexual. Clyde with the bat wings of  Persephone, and the pomegranate, and the violets, and an opposite color  to tori’s (Demeter) green dress to symbolize the goddesses relationship.  I gave Pip some wisdom owl wings to get her ‘Athenae’d’ and of course  Santa with all the ocean paraphernalia symbolic of Aphrodite/Venus. I  hope she likes her pearls.



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